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Bar Basics 101

So you've been enjoying some delectable cocktails your favourite bar and have just decided you're going to start your own home bar. Now you just have to work out what you'll need. Well here is your starting point, your go to list that will give you a great baseline for producing some of your favourite cocktails at home.

Bar Tools

If you are going to succeed you’ll first need yourself some quality bar tools, a toolkit that will be the secret behind the bar. Here’s your basic checklist and what you’ll need them for.

Shaker: Either a Boston shaker or Three piece will do. Both are pretty versatile though the Boston can hold more liquid so great for cocktails that need a really good shake or with a lot of ingredients.

Jigger: Your handy little spirit measuring tool, usually holding 15ml and 30mls on either end.

Muddler: You know when you get that perfect Caprioska and that lime is just perfectly balanced and infused, that’s the muddling.

Strainer: IF you can, get two strainers, a hawthorne strainer which will remove the ice, fruit and herbs from your cocktail, plus a fine strainer which will remove any unwanted pulp for a smooth cocktail.

Barspoon: A longer spoon than you’ll find in the cutlery drawer you’ll use this for stirring cocktails and jugs along with measuring ingredients.



Like a fine wine your cocktail glassware will help bring out the best flavours in your drink.  A good bar should have a mixture of the following:

Highball / Collins / Hurricane

Tumbler/ Rocks

Martini / Coupe


Champagne Flute



Vok liqueurs has  an extensive range, but the most popular are Triple Sec, Blue Curacao, Melon, Strawberry and Brown Crème de Cacao. For something different Try out some Parfait Amour cocktails.


A good start for your spirits list should include;



Dark Rum

White Rum


Whisky/ Bourbon


Sparkling Wine


Happy Mixing!