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February 2017

Mixologist Focus

Phillip Jones - Hains & Co

1. Who or what inspires you?
My parents inspire me to always work hard and to be grateful for what I have. As far as drinks are concerned I draw inspiration from many sources, including a lot of professional bartenders and chefs as well as the environment around me and the seasons.

2. What’s your no.1 tip for every home bartender?
Start a library, there are some fantastic books out there and I would start with The Bar Book by Jeffrey Morgenthaler and for those more scientifically inclined; Liquid Intelligence by Dave Arnold.

3. How did you get into mixology?
My love affair with cocktails started 3 years ago when I got a job polishing glasses in a wonderful cocktail bar in Edinburgh and it has just spiralled from there to where I am today as a professional bartender at Hains & Co.

4. If you could drink anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
New York, I think New York is like Mecca for bartenders.

5. What’s been the best part about working in the bar scene?
I think the best part about working in the bar scene are the people. The people that work in the industry are mostly wonderful, passionate and brilliant people that I share a lot in common with and the broad range of customers I get to meet are extremely interesting.

6. Recommended bar in Adelaide and Why?
Hains & Co because I work there but more seriously, The Bibliotheca bar and book exchange, top notch drinks and a penchant for literature. I would spend all my time here, if I could.

7. What's new in the bar world, best cocktail trend you are seeing?
The best cocktail trend I am seeing is scientific method being applied to cocktails and their production which makes it easier to reproduce results and know what is actually going on inside the shaker or mixing glass.

8. What's your go to cocktail when you are looking for a drink?
Probably a Tommy's margarita, where you substitute agave syrup instead of triple sec and chuck in some orange bitters. It's perfectly balanced and absolutely delicious.